TIA Incubator New Member Information



  • Treat this space respectfully and keep it clean…this is a space you share with fellow entrepreneurs who expect a certain level of cleanliness and professionalism.
  • Keep volume throughout the space at a reasonable level –  if you can’t use an ‘inside voice’ on a phone call, please use the soundproof phone booth. This includes computer calls. You might have earbuds in, but everyone else can hear your side of the conversation.
  • There is no storage in the space, so members are expected to take their items home at the end of the day. TIA and PCD are not responsible for anything that is lost or stolen from the space.
  • Coffee, tea and water will be available. Any other food or supplies are the property of TIA and are not for outside consumption.
  • The refrigerator is available to store food to be used within a few days. Please label any items you put in there.  Anything left longer than a week will be tossed.
  • Use real dishes, glassware and silverware before using paper or plastic, including coffee and water cups. You may bring a coffee cup or water bottle and leave it on the dish shelf, provided it’s labeled.
  • It’s expected that you clean up after yourself, including putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher, tossing trash in the receptacle and wiping down counters.
  • Be respectful of others.
  • The incubator is monitored 24/7 by security cameras. Officers from Colgate’s Campus Safety also make periodic visits to check on the space.


Payment through PCD PayPal:



All cards will expire on July 1 of each year unless you elect to renew your use of the space. You will need to go to Campus Safety to renew your card.



Jennifer Marotto Lutter – hamiltonpcd@gmail.com

Laura Caughlan – pcdeconomicdevelopment@gmail.com

Mary Galvez – mgalvez@colgate.edu 315-228-7279

Wills Hapworth – wills@tiainstitute.com 646-662-0124