At the DOT public meeting on Tuesday, May 7, options were discussed for DOT’s reconstruction of 12B.  One of the key takeaways from the public comments was that Hamilton wants to be a friendly college town with a welcoming, walkable downtown.  The PCD’s partners at the Village, University and Town have been working with professional consultants to develop alternative solutions that meet these community goals.  We have developed an option that is being put forth for consideration.

Invitation for Community Input: We highly value community involvement and feedback. We will have posters of the design option on display at the HUB, 8 Lebanon Street for people to drop in and discuss over the next week, May 13-16.  Feel free to drop by during business hours or send us an email at [email protected].

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The Hub

The center of an entrepreneurial ecosystem where we work with new and existing businesses to fuel regional business growth.


PCD can help local businesses find grant funds to expand and create jobs. Click below to see some of our past grantees and find our current grant opportunities.


PCD is always working on a variety of diverse projects to help keep Hamilton a livable, vibrant community.




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FoJo Beans

When FoJo Beans applied for a small grant from the Partnership for Community Development, they were told almost immediately to go for something bigger, to aim to fit a coffee niche in the Hamilton community. Joseph described the help from the PCD by saying: “The village administration has been incredibly supportive, the Hamilton Initiative has been incredibly supportive, the university has been incredibly supportive, but it was the PCD that was not only supportive but pushed us and said ‘we are moving you forward.’” 

Good Nature Brewery

When Good Nature was building the 12B Farm Brewery, they collaborated with the Partnership for Community Development to secure funding for their pretreatment facility for the brewery’s wastewater. The funds were split between a grant and a loan, and allowed for the efficient building of an unforeseen expense. Good Nature now treats all of their wastewater on site so as not to overwhelm the village’s treatment center. 

Kriemhild Dairy

Kriemhild is currently undergoing expansion using CDBG funds awarded by the Partnership for Community Development. Rivington explains how the PCD has helped the company over the years with a combination of “grants, loans, and networking.” Funds from the PCD have been used to buy various tanks and other production equipment as well as for the installation of the equipment. 



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