Help small businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak

Your donation to PCD’s Small Business Fund will help our small business community survive the challenging times ahead.


Find resources that are available to help you start or grow your business in the Hamilton area.


PCD can help local businesses find grant funds to expand and create jobs. Click below to see some of our past grantees and find our current grant opportunities.


PCD is always working on a variety of diverse projects to help keep Hamilton a livable, vibrant community.




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FoJo Beans

When FoJo Beans applied for a small grant from the Partnership for Community Development, they were told almost immediately to go for something bigger, to aim to fit a coffee niche in the Hamilton community. Joseph described the help from the PCD by saying: “The village administration has been incredibly supportive, the Hamilton Initiative has been incredibly supportive, the university has been incredibly supportive, but it was the PCD that was not only supportive but pushed us and said ‘we are moving you forward.’” 

Good Nature Brewery

When Good Nature was building the 12B Farm Brewery, they collaborated with the Partnership for Community Development to secure funding for their pretreatment facility for the brewery’s wastewater. The funds were split between a grant and a loan, and allowed for the efficient building of an unforeseen expense. Good Nature now treats all of their wastewater on site so as not to overwhelm the village’s treatment center. 

Kriemhild Dairy

Kriemhild is currently undergoing expansion using CDBG funds awarded by the Partnership for Community Development. Rivington explains how the PCD has helped the company over the years with a combination of “grants, loans, and networking.” Funds from the PCD have been used to buy various tanks and other production equipment as well as for the installation of the equipment. 



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This Is Hamilton, NY
This Is Hamilton, NY
Like the rest of the world, these past 10 months have been an extraordinary time for Hamilton and the surrounding areas. We have felt the effects of COVID-19 all through our community - from Colgate sending students home early and the impact it has had on our local businesses to many of our friends, neighbors and co-workers struggling to make ends meet.

It was with these thoughts in mind that staff from the PCD and Julie Dudrick from the Upstate Institute at Colgate launched an initiative that benefits not only local restaurants, but also patrons of the Hamilton Food Cupboard. The program began with the delivery of eight Thanksgiving dinners from a local restaurant to residents of Madison Lane apartments who otherwise would have gone without a holiday meal. Those meals were paid for with some of the remaining monies from the Small Business Fund as a way to support a local restaurant. The idea grew from there - the PCD could purchase food from area restaurants and donate it to the food cupboard. This would be a win-win - restaurants would be getting business and the food cupboard would receive delicious, prepared foods that could be frozen until distributed.

Ten restaurants are currently participating by providing prepared foods or vouchers that can be used to purchase food for takeout. The program will run through January 19 and should provide some welcome relief until the students return to campus.

According to Suzanne Collins, food cupboard director, "The Hamilton Food Cupboard is very grateful for a unique partnership opportunity with the PCD. This partnership allows us to pass along to our patrons gift certificates to area restaurants, prepared meals from a variety of eateries, and even bags of freshly ground coffee. This partnership is a win-win for local restaurants and food cupboard patrons."

The Small Business Fund was created in March after the pandemic initially hit. Within a few weeks of asking the community to donate to the fund, we raised over $115,000, an impressive amount for our very small, rural town. These funds provided direct support to over 30 Hamilton businesses to help overcome the many challenges presented by COVID-19 and allowed our business district to remain stable through tough economic times. It was with some of the remaining funds that we were able to launch this latest initiative.

We know there is still a long road ahead for our businesses and community and we are asking our donors if they might again consider making a contribution. Donations are being accepted through our website ( or by mail to PO Box 37, 11 Payne St, Hamilton, NY 13346. One hundred percent of all money raised goes directly to support our local businesses.

Hamilton is a great place because of the many people who care so deeply about it. Thank you for being one of them. We are proud to be part of such an awesome community!
This Is Hamilton, NY
This Is Hamilton, NY
Meet Andrew B. Powrie!

Andrew was born and raised in Hamilton, NY. He moved to Conway, SC to attend Coastal Carolina University in 2010 and came back in the spring of 2015. Shortly after that, he started part-time at Michael’s Fine Food & Spirits and in Human Resources at Colgate University.

Andrew is now the Front of House Manager at the Hamilton Inn. The Inn specializes in farm-to-table food and hospitality. It is a warm, friendly, upscale, yet comfortable and genuine dining and overnight stay experience. "Of our many goals, to make you feel at home no matter your length of time with us is of the utmost importance."

In Andrew's words, "After having spent four-plus years creating friendships and family-like relationships with those from Waterville and its surrounding communities, it has been equally as wonderful finding myself a resident of Hamilton and working within and for the community. With both communities, both restaurants, and even the catering business that are all a part of the “Michael’s Family of Businesses," what really makes it all worth it is being in the middle of it all. Being able to help, support and give back to a community that raised me within a business that so deeply cares about the guests, friends, and family that walk through our front door. As much as I do not want to mention the elephant in the room, the love coming from the community to the Hamilton Inn during Covid reminds me that hospitality is more than just serving food with a smile, it’s love itself. 2020’s goal at the Hamilton Inn was to make sure that each and every day, Hamilton residents were taken care of in any way possible that we could give back because they had already given us so much to be thankful for as a business here. We certainly look forward to maintaining that in 2021."

When Andrew is not working, you can find him enjoying other local restaurants, cooking for friends and family, bundled up on the couch with the latest Netflix binge, or reading a good book. Volleyball is his favorite sport to play and if there is an opportunity to do something outdoors, you will find him there!

Andrew's favorite part about living in Hamilton was returning to it after having moved away for five years. He was able to see the small town, tight-knit community in a whole new light, which made for a wonderful realization of how lucky he was to grow up here, surrounded by his born with and chosen family.

Michael's Fine Food and Spirits
Hamilton Inn
This Is Hamilton, NY
This Is Hamilton, NY
The holidays are over but that doesn't mean your support for local businesses should stop. They'll need our help through the quiet winter months.

Of course, COVID-19 makes it difficult to support in the ways we normally would, like dining out at restaurants. We know it is still possible though so we would like to see how you #HamiltonAtHome!

Share a post or a Story with the #HamiltonAtHome tag when you get takeout from a restaurant, get financial advice from an office in town or shop at a local boutique or grocery store. It will help spread awareness and it'll spread a little love!
This Is Hamilton, NY