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PCD can help local businesses find grant funds to expand and create jobs. Click below to see some of our past grantees and find our current grant opportunities.


PCD is always working on a variety of diverse projects to help keep Hamilton a livable, vibrant community.




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FoJo Beans

When FoJo Beans applied for a small grant from the Partnership for Community Development, they were told almost immediately to go for something bigger, to aim to fit a coffee niche in the Hamilton community. Joseph described the help from the PCD by saying: “The village administration has been incredibly supportive, the Hamilton Initiative has been incredibly supportive, the university has been incredibly supportive, but it was the PCD that was not only supportive but pushed us and said ‘we are moving you forward.’” Funds from the PCD went in part towards FoJo’s equipment, and in part towards working capital. What Dan Joseph and Dan Foust want people to know about FoJo Beans is this: “We started FoJo Beans in order to contribute to our local community, in the best we could.” Anyone who has been to their new storefront would agree they have succeeded.

Good Nature Brewery

When Good Nature was building the 12B Farm Brewery, they collaborated with the Partnership for Community Development to secure funding for their pretreatment facility for the brewery’s wastewater. The funds were split between a grant and a loan, and allowed for the efficient building of an unforeseen expense. Good Nature now treats all of their wastewater on site so as not to overwhelm the village’s treatment center. When asked about plans for the future, Blackmore answered “we’re always expanding production, we expand markets, we expand on our products here at the retail level. So we’re always growing.” It’s true Good Nature Brewery has grown incredibly quickly in the past few years, and  continue to do so through their original products and firmly rooted locavore philosophy. From the Tap Room to the Farm Brewery there’s always something new and truly Good Natured.

Kriemhild Dairy

Kriemhild is currently undergoing expansion using CDBG funds awarded by the Partnership for Community Development. Rivington explains how the PCD has helped the company over the years with a combination of “grants, loans, and networking.” Funds from the PCD have been used to buy various tanks and other production equipment as well as for the installation of the equipment. Kriemhild produces an amazing quantity and quality of product for only three full time and several part time workers, and still has some growing and expanding they are hoping to do.  Rivington closed by speaking on the importance of small businesses like Kriemhild, saying “If you support local businesses, local businesses work together and help each other and support each other then that ultimately benefits the community as a whole.”


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This Is Hamilton, NY
This Is Hamilton, NY is at Common Thread CSA.
Common Thread CSA
2020 CSA sign-ups are open at Common Thread CSA! Members will enjoy a wide variety of fresh, local, healthy veggies from the farm, located just outside the village on Lake Moraine Road.

What is a CSA? Basically, you purchase a 'share' of the farm's annual harvest before the growing season. Shareholders then visit the farm or designated pick-up site weekly to pick up their share of high-quality produce.

Common Thread offers customized CSA shares, vacation holds and payment plans.

Click here to learn more and sign up:

Photo by Common Thread
This Is Hamilton, NY
This Is Hamilton, NY is at Madison County, New York.
Madison County, New York
The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting thousands of employees to work in the communities where they live. These are temporary, part-time or full-time positions.

Pay is $20 an hour for Enumerator/Lister and $22 an hour for Supervisors. Mileage is reimbursed at $0.575 per mile.

No experience or educational requirement is necessary.
Flexible schedule, weekly pay and paid training.

Apply here:
This Is Hamilton, NY
This Is Hamilton, NY is at Bruce Ward, Architect.
Bruce Ward, Architect
Meet Bruce Ward!

For the past 18 years, he has owned and run the Bruce Ward, Architect firm, specializing in single-family residential projects.

When he's not working, Bruce loves to make music and ride his bike. He once rode his bike 100 miles in one day! He is a baritone in the Blue Parsley Boys singing group and acted in five musicals in just ten weeks at the Merry Go Round Finger Lakes Music Theatre in Auburn, NY. Bruce has lived in Hamilton for 33 years and his favorite part is seeing friends and neighbors every day.

Bruce works closely with his clients to realize their house dreams. Have a project in mind? Get in touch at (315) 824-1094, email, or visit


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The Hamilton area has an active and growing small business community. The Partnership for Community Development, Colgate's Thought into Action, and the Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center have come together to offer resources to emerging and existing enterprises. Joining this community allows you access to trainings, funding opportunities, and other forms of resource sharing. This page is one of the resources we have, so keep an eye on this space for opportunities and share information that might help other entrepreneurs!

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