Small Business Fund

The Partnership for Community Development has initiated a fund to provide assistance to local businesses which are most affected by disruptions resulting from COVID-19.  The absence of Colgate students in Hamilton for the next several months and the limited mobility of residents suddenly creates a void in the vibrancy and commerce that are the lifeblood of local businesses.
Monies raised under the stewardship of PCD will assist businesses and employees in challenging times ahead, providing continuity for the wide array of retailers and other businesses within Hamilton. Sustaining community vitality is at the core of PCD’s mission – contributions to which will help preserve the character of our community, to the benefit of all who visit, work, and live in Hamilton, now and in the times ahead. PCD is a 501(c)3 and your contribution is tax deductible.
Gift cards are another way to support Hamilton businesses. These offer immediate cash to our small business owners and can be redeemed at a later date or given as a gift. Gift cards can be purchased directly from many of your favorite businesses on their website or on A listing of e-gift cards is being updated at


*Contributions are being made in memory of Samantha Lund to the Small Business Fund. We thank Samantha’s family for this kind gesture.*