Why Donate?

In addition to the annual investments in PCD made by the Village of Hamilton, Town of Hamilton, and Colgate University, support from individual donors is both an important source of operating capital and the clearest demonstration to grant funders that PCD’s work is valued by the community.

A sampling of our recent achievements and activities demonstrates what PCD brings to the community:

  • Since 2015, PCD has raised $750,000 in grant funds to help local businesses start, grow, and create jobs.
  • Working with county and local governments and other non-profit organizations, PCD organized a long-term recreation initiative that will improve and publicize local trails and other outdoor recreation. So far, we’ve created the interactive recreation website GoSoMad and worked with Cornell University to design surface improvements and updated signage for the Chenango Canal Towpath Trail.
  • In 2017, PCD partnered with the Utica Homeownership Association to award $350,000 in grants for exterior renovation to homeowners in the Town and Village of Hamilton.

Your support is an investment in a stronger local economy, and a stronger local economy benefits us all. Please consider a gift to PCD’s Annual Fund. Your support will make a difference.