What is it?

Earlville for Earlville is a community-based group focused on understanding the needs of Earlville and taking action to address those needs.

Who is it?

The Earlville for Earlville project is led by a partnership that includes the Village of Earlville, the Town of Hamilton, Town of Sherburne, the Earlville Free Library, the Partnership for Community Development, the Upstate Institute at Colgate University, and others. Most importantly, the project will include anyone who lives or has lived in Earlville; property owners, businesses, and even includes our youth. The project will provide several ways for any residents who want to share their voice to be included in the conversation.

What are we working on now?

Over the past year, we have focused on the redesign of the Fayette Street Park. In 2020, we completed a draft design with Cornell’s Design Connect Program. Currently, we are working with the community to finalize the design and pursue funding to implement it.

We have two upcoming public meetings:

Saturday, October 16th from 10am-12pm

Tuesday, November 16th from 5pm-7pm

Both meetings will be held at The Bell Tree, 20 N Main St, Earlville.

Steering Committee

Rachel Amman Burns-The Belltree

Michelle Connelly- Earlville Opera House

Gerry Hayes- Village of Earlville Board 

Mark Golden-Golden Artist Colors

Shari Taylor-Hamilton Town Board/Earlville Free Library

Jessica Graybill-Colgate University/Village resident

Charlie Mastro-Town of Sherburne 

Jen Marotto Lutter-PCD

Laura Caughlan-PCD

Sue Reymers-Town of Hamilton, Clerk

Isaac Garner-Youth representative

Margaret Corey-Sherwood-Village of Earlville/business owner 

Julie Dudrick- Upstate Institute

Karla Vanderneut- NBT Bank

Eve Ann Shwartz- Town of Hamilton, Supervisor

Kelly Beach- Village of Earlville, Clerk 

Jessica Moquin-Village of Earlville resident


Want to learn more? Contact Jen Marotto Lutter at jmlutter@hamiltonpcd.org or 315-825-3537.