What is it?

Earlville for Earlville is a community-based group focused on understanding the needs of Earlville and taking action to address those needs.

Who is it?

The Earlville for Earlville project is led by a partnership that includes the Village of Earlville, the Town of Hamilton, Town of Sherburne, the Earlville Free Library, the Partnership for Community Development, the Upstate Institute at Colgate University, and others. Most importantly, the project will include anyone who lives or has lived in Earlville; property owners, businesses, and even includes our youth. The project will provide several ways for any residents who want to share their voice to be included in the conversation.

Main Street Grant Program

There is currently grant funding for commercial and mixed-use building owners in downtown Earlville to renovate their buildings

Eligible applicants can receive up to $100,000 for facade improvements, commercial space renovation, apartment renovation, and more.

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. If you are interested in participating, contact Stefan Lutter at [email protected] or 316-366-2376.

Fayette St. Park

In 2021, we focused on redesigning the Fayette Street Park. In 2020, we worked with a Cornell DesignConnect team on a basic concept for the space. The final concept included an expanded playground, a new skate park, and a walking trail around the edge of the property. We decided to focus first on redesigning the playground and skate park. We hired a consultant who worked with E4E and the Earlville community to create a design for creative, welcoming space for children, teens, and adults alike.

In the fall, we held two community open houses at The Bell Tree to gather feedback on our proposed designs. At the first open house, attendees were asked to fill out a survey as they made their way around several stations showing different potential designs for the new park. At the second, attendees gave feedback on a single draft design. E4E members had many productive conversations with community members who discussed their ideas with us and expressed excitement that a community space like this could exist in Earlville and talked to E4E members about their hopes and ideas for.

The final design includes all the elements of the existing park, reimagined into new forms. The skate park will be located at the site of the existing playground and expanded to include a skate bowl and pump track. The playground will be relocated to the front of the property. It is designed to look like a miniature “village” with a mix of play structures and natural play spaces. The design also includes the option to expand the existing pavilion by adding shaded patios and a garden walkway.

In 2022, E4E is working with the PCD to find and apply for grant funding to begin implementing all or some of the new park design. We hope that this will be just the beginning of exciting new opportunities in Earlville.

Steering Committee

Rachel Amman Burns-The Belltree

Michelle Connelly- Earlville Opera House

Gerry Hayes- Village of Earlville Board 

Mark Golden-Golden Artist Colors

Shari Taylor-Hamilton Town Board/Earlville Free Library

Jessica Graybill-Colgate University/Village resident

Charlie Mastro-Town of Sherburne 

Jen Marotto Lutter-PCD

Laura Caughlan-PCD

Sue Reymers-Town of Hamilton, Clerk

Isaac Garner-Youth representative

Margaret Corey-Sherwood-Village of Earlville/business owner 

Julie Dudrick- Upstate Institute

Karla Vanderneut- NBT Bank

Eve Ann Shwartz- Town of Hamilton, Supervisor

Kelly Beach- Village of Earlville, Clerk 

Jessica Moquin-Village of Earlville resident


Want to learn more? Contact Jocelyn Gavitt at [email protected] or 315-825-3537.