Annual Report

2017- 2018 ANNUAL REPORT

We will enhance sustainable economic opportunity and community vitality in the village and town of Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

Specifically, we help:

  • Existing businesses and farms thrive.
  • Attract and support new community-minded businesses and talent to our area.
  • Develop attractive, inviting and commercially viable downtown area.
  • Preserve and enhance the small town, rural character of our community, staying authentic to who we are.
  • Foster widespread civic involvement in community development initiatives.
  • Research, solicit, and administer grants and gifts to serve these purposes and leverage the community resources of our Partner organizations.

Active Grants 2017-2018

  • $50,000 – for a study of the Hamilton Airpark
  • $200,000 – awarded to area businesses through the Launch Grant Program
  • $350,000 – awarded to area homeowners for exterior improvements
  • $10,000 – for the development of a recreation website
  • $54,704 – to improve a one-mile section of the Chenango Canal Towpath Trail
  • $100,000 – to assist FoJo Beans with their expansion project
  • $100,000 – to assist HeartStone Bakery at Alambria Springs Farm
    with their expansion project
  • $100,000 – to assist Kriemhild Dairy Farms with their expansion project
  • $241,000 – to assist Good Nature Farm Brewery with their expansion project

Total: $1,205,704

2017 – 2018


Up to $99

Richard Arciero
Cynthia A. Briglin-Mavady
Irene Brown
Michael A. & Beverlee J. Cappeto
Kevin Delaney
Frederick & Marilyn Dunlap
William E. & Nellie K. Edmonston
Earl J. Ewing, Earl J. Ewing Living Trust
Charles S. & Maureen N. Fox
Enrique & Mary Galvez
Judith A. & R. Braden Houston
Jagadish & Lorraine Kaimal
Dianne M. Keller
Joseph & Kerry Koen
Jane K. Loop
Timothy C. & Jennifer M. Mansfield
M. Burton Marshall, Miles B. Marshall Inc.
Andrew J. & Victoria L. Migonis
Francis & Jeffrey J. Nilles, Nilles Ford Inc.
Matthew L. & Kelly C. Norris
Margaret A. Maurer & Carl R. Peterson
David H. & Barbara S. Rebuck
Suzanne W. & Ellis E. Rowland, Rowland
Living Trust
Waldo I. Scott
Joseph N. & Kathryn A. Terras
William C. & Carolyn S. Todd
Shirl Truett
Catherine L. Cardelus & James E. Watkins
Anne Marie & Gary A. Weeks
Eleanor E. Weyter
Bruce Ward & Sarah Ann Wider
Art & Shirley S. Zimmer

$100 – $199

Marion T. Bartels
Roger & Susan Bauman
Linck C. Johnson & Susan Belasco
Wanda Warren Berry
Robert D. & Nancy F. Bond
Sean M. & Stephanie D. Fadale
William A. Graber
Christopher Henke & Carolyn Hsu
The Imaginary Farmer LLC
James E. & Linda G. Leach
Janet Little
Ruthann S. & James K. Loveless
David R. & Beverly G. McKay
Ellen M. & Raymond J. Meeks
Margaret A. Miller
Charles & Susan Naef
Keith E. & Jody L. Palmer
Kirk Palmer
Malcolm W. & Gertrude D. Pownall
Lynn Staley
Jane Welsh

$200 – $499

David R. & Delores B. Buran
Frances Conti
Peter Darby
Hamilton Rotary Club
Merrill L. Miller
David Craine, NBT Insurance Agency, LLC
NBT Mang Insurance
Bruce Moseley & Leigh Yardley

$500 – $999

Michael & Frank Sciola


John A. & Suzanne F. Golden
Peter J. Radosta & Karen A. Stone

2017 – 2018


Kriemhild Dairy Farms Expansion
PCD is working with the Town of Lebanon to provide $100,000 in NYS Community Development Block Grant Small Business funds to Kriemhild Dairy Farms to construct and renovate a commercial building for their dairy and creamery storage and production. The project will create at least four full-time equivalent jobs over two years available to low–to-moderate income persons.

HeartStone Bakery Expansion
PCD, in partnership with Madison County, was awarded $100,000 in NYS CDBG Small Business funds to assist HeartStone Bakery at Alambria Springs Farm in expanding their farm bakery. The expansion will increase the bakery’s footprint and add state-of-the-art baking equipment, boosting their capacity. Their project will create at least four full-time equivalent jobs.

PCD made great progress this year on our recreation initiative. The Chenango Canal Association and PCD were awarded $54,704 through the Recreational Trails Program to re-surface a one-mile section of the Chenango Canal Towpath Trail in the Town of Eaton.

Additionally, PCD worked with a web developer and a committee of local recreation enthusiasts to launch a new outdoor recreation website,, that features an interactive map providing information on recreational amenities in the area. Check it out!

Finally, PCD worked with a Cornell DesignConnect team to create signage design for the Towpath Trail. The Cornell group held public meetings to gather community feedback and were able to finalize a design. Over the coming year, PCD will seek funds to implement the signage.

Home Improvement Grants
PCD collaborated with the Utica Homeownership Center (UNHS) to complete $350,000 of exterior repairs for homeowners through a grant with the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation. To date, eight homeowners were awarded up to $35,000 each and construction was completed on the homes.

FoJo Beans Expansion
FoJo Beans started as a home roaster, building their following through farmers markets, restaurants, and retail. In 2018, they will take their business to the next level, moving their roasting operations and opening a coffee shop at 10 Utica Street in the Village of Hamilton. PCD is working with the Village of Hamilton to provide $100,000 in NYS Community Development Block Grant Small Business funds to FoJo for their project, which will create at least four full-time equivalent jobs.

Housing Strategy
PCD and our partners are undertaking a housing strategy to better understand the local housing market and how to ensure Hamilton has a range of housing options. Working with czb consultants, a steering committee is helping to create a strategy that will provide the community with a set of actions for diversifying housing in the town and village.

Resources for Entrepreneurs and Co-working
PCD continues working with Colgate’s Thought into Action (TIA) program and the Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center (SDBC) to serve our area businesses. We hosted a number of workshops and networking events over the last year, including trainings on social media and understanding business financials.

Launch Grants
PCD continues working with Madison County to oversee our Launch Grant Program. The program provided $200,000 in microenterprise funds to local businesses through a competitive application process. Six businesses were awarded up to $35,000 each to start or grow their enterprise. A list of grant recipients and their projects follows:

Fruit of the Fungi
Kenneth and Kristina Mangine have been operating their mushroom farm in Lebanon since 2006. Their products are available at various local farmers markets, retail establishments, and used in a number of restaurants. All their mushrooms are organically grown and packaged on-site. With their funding, they purchased new equipment to lengthen their growing season and increase production, helping them reach further into New York’s growing dried mushroom market.

Lotus Spa
Wendy Marland has worked in Hamilton for over twenty years as a beautician and co-owner of JJ’s Salon. This year, she began the process of going into business for herself by opening Lotus Salon & Spa. Wendy used her grant funding to purchase state-of-the-art salon equipment and furnishings, allowing her to provide a wide range of services and to run a highly modern salon in the Village of Hamilton.

The Zen Den
The Zen Den, owned and managed by Kriss Young, is a yoga and Pilates studio in downtown Hamilton. The Zen Den opened in 2014 with just two instructors on staff. Now, it has expanded to include up to seven instructors on its monthly rotation. Kriss is currently in the process of upgrading the studio to include additional classes and retail space. She is using her Launch Grant funding to purchase new equipment and continue her own training as a Pilates instructor.

* Member of Colgate’s Thought into Action entrepreneurship program

Natural Beauty Prosthesis*
Jill Nelson, creator of Natural Beauty Prosthesis, is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in orthopedic injury work and oncology massage. The idea of Natural Beauty Prosthesis came after working with oncology massage clients who had mastectomies and expressed dismay that the only breast forms available were made of synthetic materials produced with chemicals. After all these women had gone through with their cancer treatments, the last thing they wanted was to put something possibly carcinogenic on their bodies. Jill’s new venture solves this problem by providing all-natural breast forms made with organic fibers and materials.

CA Fitness Apparel*
Celeste Amaral founded CA Fitness Apparel in August 2015 with the mission of offering custom-fit athletic apparel to women with body shapes and sizes that do not conform to ready-to-wear sizing methods. The clothing industry uses “average” sizing that creates fit issues for over 50% of the American women. Celeste is tackling this problem with a creative approach to fitness apparel, establishing and growing her venture in southern Madison County. She is using her grant funds to purchase equipment and undertake training to fully launch her venture.

Infinite Scope*
Kenji Yoshino invented his smartphone microscope using simple, DIY materials with the ambition of creating a tool that would turn any smart device into a powerful, portable digital microscope, democratizing science and science education for people everywhere. His design went viral and has since been featured in Wired and Make magazines. Kenji is using his grant funds to take his design to the next level so it can be produced on a larger scale, and to use marketing and outreach to increase visibility and sales.

SBA Small Business Excellence Awards
PCD honored Old Home Distillers at the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Excellence Awards in May. The event was hosted in Syracuse and acknowledged high-achieving small business owners in the region. Hundreds in attendance were able to see Old Home Distillers accept their award and receive well-deserved recognition.

Hamilton Business Alliance
This year, PCD and the HBA shared a marketing intern from Colgate, Elizabeth Gallina. Elizabeth’s work focused on providing both organizations with marketing expertise and creating a system that would allow the organizations to streamline their marketing efforts. The marketing collaboration resulted in the highest holidays sales our business district has seen. This is just one of the ways PCD and HBA are working together to provide the best support for our business community.

Local Food
This year PCD focused on local food access for SNAP users. Colgate Upstate Institute Fellow Colleen Donlan spent her summer researching the barriers SNAP users have to purchasing local food. During the academic year she continued with this work, coordinating a workshop for area farmers to learn how to use the SNAP program. Also in collaboration with Colgate, she has been working to create and launch a Friends of the Market program for the Hamilton Farmers Market.

We also had a visit from Food Network’s Nancy Fuller, host of Farmhouse Rules. Nancy hosted a locally sourced brunch at Good Nature Farm Brewery, followed by a book signing. She visited the local farmers market and a number of area farms. It put a wonderful spotlight on the amazing producers we have in the area!

New website and logo
Romanelli Communications brushed up the PCD logo this year, providing us with a more modern version of our existing logo. Additionally, Hourglass Media helped us to design and launch a new website, The website will help to raise PCD’s visibility and allow us to provide more information to the community about what we do and how to access our programs.

PCD 2017-18 Board of Directors

Bruce Moseley, President
Dave Buran, Vice-President
Peter Darby, Treasurer

Joanne Borfitz • Sean Fadale • Lindsay LaRuffa • Russ Lura
Jody Palmer • Peter Radosta • Michael Sciola • Clay Skinner


Jennifer Marotto Lutter, Executive Director
Laura Caughlan, Economic Development Specialist

Village of Hamilton
Town of Hamilton
Colgate University

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