Hamilton Airpark


The Hamilton AirPark is an integrated airport and industrial park complex located in the charming Village of Hamilton, NY, home to one of America’s most prestigious academic institutions, Colgate University. The AirPark consists of two facilities:

Hamilton AirPark Flight Center

The Hamilton Flight Center is a Village-owned public use airport with a 5,300-ft runway capable of handling the largest of executive aircraft. Frequently used by Colgate alumni; the owners and Hall of Fame Inductees of Major league baseball; and local corporate users, the AirPark Flight Center is considered by many to be the best executive airport in Central New York State.

Hamilton AirPark Business Center

The Hamilton AirPark Business Center is a new 50-acre business park and incubation center dedicated to air-related and commercial businesses desiring to locate in NY’s Central Region. The AirPark Business Center can meet the needs of companies that benefit from fly-in fly-out operations, or, proof-of-concept and start-ups in research and development in the aviation industry. For non-air specific business, the Center offers discounted build-ready land suitable for agri-business, food, light manufacturing, and professional office uses.

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The Village owns its own electric utility distribution system. The source for most of the electricity supplied to the Village comes from hydropower. Hamilton is one of approximately 35 communities that owns its electric distribution company. The Electric Utility supplies low cost electricity to all Village residences, businesses, Colgate University, Community Memorial Hospital, and other establishments. The Village has also invested in low-cost municipal natural gas service. Municipal water and sewer lines are already in place at the Airpark.